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Dear Jeff,

I keep meaning to send you an update on Charlie. It has been a very busy summer. City to Country, beaches, 5th avenue, Charlie loves it all. I have grandsons 16,14, 10 all surfers Charlie is learning boat etiquette and paddle board. We also learn restraint and down time behavior new baby granddaughter. When in the country he is a real trooper always up for walks 1/3/6 miles whatever, he is game. Also, just doing errands we can do as much as 5 miles in NYC. He never has a chance to get bored. He knows a few tricks sit, paw, roll over, we are working on gathering toys and putting them in one place. With some success, we have been busy and I have not had the time to keep at it. Once the colder weather arrives we'll do more training. He knows to stay out and can lie down and be quiet for a whole meeting. A friend I visit and who has had many dogs, says Charlie is the smartest dog he has ever seen and he is 90 and seen a few. Charlie is always game.

His morning routine out here is morning tummy rub, out bedroom door to check for chipmunks etc. in his territory, come in, say hi to all, breakfast, outside another property check, and then he goes and sits on the top step of the pool. What a life. Depending on the heat he will go in a dozen times or so. The beach is his favorite, off leash and we have a phenomenal dog park here 28 of the 64 acres are fenced in. It had been a tree nursery, it looks like Maine, he can be off leash there also. He is very good always checks to see where I am and when in doubt sticks by me until he gets the all clear.

EVERYONE loves Charlie. Fabulous personality, funny, always happy, smart, cuddly, a pip. My vet and his wife say he is amazing, the best ever. He is around other dogs, and cats and has a ball. He is over, above and beyond my expectations.
Jamee and Charlie


We just wanted to send pictures of S'mores, who we adopted from you back in January. He is fully trained now and has been quite the dream dog. He is very well behaved and if he ever does anything out of the ordinary (from seeing other dogs), he immediately stops it with just the sight of the can. :) We can tell that he was already well-disciplined when we picked him up from you. So, thanks for raising him well while in your care. If we ever need another puppy, we'll definitely get it from you. We'll recommend you as well. Enjoy the pictures and take care.

The Talty Family

Mango (aka: Felix)

Hey Guys – I know it’s been a while but I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we have enjoyed our Havanese Puppy. We were in about 10 month ago and purchased Felix from you guys. He is by far and away the best Dog we have ever owned. Lori and I have always had dogs growing up but I can’t remember one that is as smart, affectionate and kind as Mango. You guys were great and we are so happy with him and feel blessed to have such a wonderful Family Pet.

If you ever need a recommendation please feel free to let us know. We’ve had so many compliments on him and I always tell everyone where we found him. J Thanks again guys!

Frank DeGenova


I am not sure how much you like to keep up on your puppies but we are so happy I wanted to update you. We hit the jack pot with Charlie (he was Jake for a few days he did not seem to like it, Charlie he likes). Incredibly easy to train with an irresistible personality. A sweetheart. He catches on very quickly and from one of the photos you can see he lets us know if he is thirsty.

I am trying to get him used to all different situations. City, traveling case, car, etc. Introduced him to water. He loves the pools, beaches, sprinklers, hoses, showers and baths. He is ALWAYS accompanied around water. We have had extra low screening added to fence just in case, also automatic cover which can support an adult walking on it. We needed him to be comfortable with water and he is. No chemicals in our pool, natural low salt system. Plus he gets rinsed after pool or beaches afterwards. He loves getting in to the shower and will jump in and join at any time.

He is still on ONLY the Eukanuba. My vet suggested adding a spoonful of yogurt in the a.m., and on occasion a hard-boiled egg. I have found that adding the angel eyes to his yogurt works like a charm. When I put angel eyes in his water it would float and stick to the side of the bowl. I use a cotton pad with a solution of one drop of collidol silver to 1/4 cup Poland Springs water as an around the eye clean up.

He was neutered the beginning of august. All went well.

Charlie understands down time, some commands, including loose leash, still needs some work. Quiet all through the night, always was. He does not have "mistakes". Vet and his wife are amazed at how clean he is. Always asks if necessary. I have had to leave him once because of a trip where dogs were not allowed and sometimes during the week when I go to NY to oversee a project. Not fair for him. Charlie stays with my vet and his wife at their home. They love him and will take him at any time, plus it gives him a play date. He gets along with adults, children, other dogs any size and plays with the vets cat.

He will be attending Havard next year.

Best Regards to you both,


Charo (the daughter of Tabatha & NYT Front Page News - you called her Inez) celebrated her first birthday on March 29th , so I thought I’d give you an update. Above are her photos at 3 weeks (when I first met her) and today. When I brought her home, at 10 weeks, she weighed 3.3 lbs. and would rather starve than eat her kibble. Today she is 11 lbs. (the vet said 10.5 lbs. would be better) and gobbles her kibble down in a couple of minutes. She is still the exuberant pup I brought home last June, who loves dogs and humans alike -- and they love her in return. On her birthday, 10 neighbors who are crazy about her came to her birthday party to give her tummy rubs. And she is never happier than when she is playing with her best friend Rosie, a neighbor’s Golden Retriever. Thanks for breeding such a wonderful dog!
Mady Buchbinder

Jake & Jeronimo

Just wanted to update you. Everything went beautifully yesterday. It took about five minutes before they were comfortable with each other. I think they might have remembered they were brothers. Jeronimo was very nervous in the car but once he met Jake both their tails were wagging and they played for over 3 hours in the yard together! It was so cute! My family is crazy about our new addition. Thanks again, I'll keep in touch with pictures.

All the Best,
Matina Family


We could not be happier with our fuzzy little daughter! She has made our lives so much better. Jeff and Greg will always have a special place in our hearts for bringing her into our lives. Penny is absurdly cute and equally sweet - she could pass for a cartoon dog. She loves other dogs as well as everyone she meets: people stop us constantly when we're walking her. Everyone wants to say hi and pet her, and she is always generous with her puppy kisses. Sometimes, she even performs her little Havanese hind-leg dance. She's smart, gentle, playful, loving, and quiet - she slept through the night as soon as we got her home and never barks. Jeff is an excellent resource with a good head on his shoulders. He provided an incredibly thorough and helpful "parenting guide" that we regularly turn to, and has always been available to answer our (sometimes neurotic) questions. The day we met Penny, it was obvious that all the puppies were being cared for in a safe and loving environment. When we were ready to take Penny home, Jeff and Greg said goodbye to her and were visibly emotional. We could clearly see that they really care about the dogs. I am eternally grateful to them and thrilled with the newest member of our family.

Traci & Keith Di Fiore (parents of Penny) New York, NY

Lucy & Scarlett

Don't fear...I won't inundate you with daily emails...but wanted to let you know the vet was extremely impressed with the condition and care of Lucy and Scarlett that you provided for 12 well as the records you provided. He said we couldn't have healthier or better behaved pups. We were the beaming parents! Will keep you posted periodically of course. Thanks for our girls!

Update: We adopted these two girls a few weeks ago from NYC Havanese.  Jeff and Gregg clearly provided wonderful care and raising for their 1st 3 months. On our first vet visit the Dr. said their health, condition and dispositions are excellent. They are adorable, sweet, goofy and very friendly to all they meet, human or canine! Jeff has promptly responded to emails I’ve sent him with questions or concerns. Their puppy manual is extremely comprehensive and helpful. We love these puppies and would highly recommend NYC Havanese. Amy Lingg

Luna Belle

This is Luna Belle…She is a Rockstar! Luna is now 2 years old, loving, silly, and super easy going. She lives at home in Bucks County, PA with three other Havaneses. Jeff’s Havanese are gorgeous, healthy, fun loving pups. I can’t wait to have an addition to our havanese family and would consider NYC Havaneses as my top pick.
Lori Shapiro - Richboro, PA

Amber is the dog of my dreams!

Playful and sweet and an all-around well behaved and VERY happy little dog.

Just to let you know that all is going well.  Amber just glances at the cats and looks away now. BTW, Amber graduated from Basic Obedience Class Wednesday night.  She did so well, the others applauded.  But when she is let loose to run and play she continues to be the most energetic of all the pups.  Hope she grows up soon!!  

Seriously, I adore her even more now that she is not making my kitties’ lives miserable.  Thanks for your continued support. Everyone loves Amber and she loves everyone. “Adorable”, “so lovable”, “cute” are the words used the most.  She never barks at home. ( A little growl if someone is near the door- and one or two real barks when she is playing with her doggie friends who are barking. )  She goes to Waggers dog day care for half a day twice a week so she can play with the other dogs.  She LOVES to go there.  The people there love to have her.  She gets along with all dogs- big and small.  “Amber’s here.  Now the party starts” they say.


We are so happy with Fernando and our experience with you.  Fernando is doing very well.  He will be 2 years old in July.  He has a wonderful disposition and is such a pleasure.  We have become very attached to him and vice-versa.  Here are 2 recent photos of him.  We are always checking your website to see the adorable new puppies you have.

Thanks so much, Laura Graziosa 



Angelcake will be 8 years old in November!!! Cannot believe my baby is so old. She is still happy and healthy. She had lymes last year and that was scary, but she kicked its butt and there are no traces in her system anymore. The vet said she has a small liver. But she is fine.

We slowed down her therapy dog visits because she is getting older and needs a break. She goes to the library and children read to her, but only a few times a year.

She still travels everywhere with us and we love her to pieces. She has helped so many people…it really is amazing. She is so popular that my friend’s hairdresser showed her a picture of Angelcake and said, “Isn’t this the sweetest dog ever? I just met her.” My friend yelled, “I know that dog…it’s Angelcake!” People who usually hate dogs flock to Angelcake. She really is an Angel. When repairmen come to our house, she works her magic and these grown men are in love with our dog and making goo goo eyes at her.

Thank you so much Jeff. Seriously…we would take a million of your puppies if they are all like her!
Christine and the Sequino family -


When my wife and I drove down to Queens, NY a few months ago we were not expecting to purchase a puppy. We met Jeff and his puppies and wrote him a check. Jeff impressed us. Although he has 12 dogs of his own we did not hear any of them bark and didn't smell dog anywhere. The pictures of his dogs on the walls along with many ribbons for showing them were really nice to see. Anyway – bottom line – we have our puppy Omar for 2 months and he is Wonderful and is already a part of our family. Jeff is there to answer questions whenever we have one and we have already recommended him to some friends.

Today is Omar’s 1 year old birthday.  I just  wanted to send you a quick e-mail to tell you how great he is doing and how great he is.  He has the best personality and has not only captured the hearts of everyone in my family but also of many of our friends and neighbors on our block.  We are inviting several of them over today for a birthday dinner – only the ones who love him the most.  If you are not doing anything you are more than welcome to come.

Hope you survived Sandy with minimal loss.  We got our power back on Friday evening but otherwise were ok.  Omar was kind of freaked but the whole experience and was very happy when all of the generators in our neighborhood finally shut down.

Thanks for bringing Omar into our lives.

Phil Ostrofsky

Apollo--Wonderful Breeder!

I went to Jeff’s immaculate home to meet the Havanese puppy I fell in love with on-line at NYC Havanese. After meeting Jeff and speaking with him at length I brought my puppy “Apollo” home. I took him to my vet as requested and he passed his physical with “flying colors”. I have emailed Jeff numerous times with questions regarding training, etc. and he promptly replies. I highly recommend this breeder. Apollo is a healthy, happy, mischievous puppy who would brighten anyone’s life. Thanks Jeff!!!!

Oliver....Wonderful Breeder of Havanese Dogs!

I purchased my male Havanese, Oliver, from Jeff 3 years ago. From start to finish it was a wonderful experience. We saw the puppies in their home and picked out our choice. Then we returned 6 weeks later to pick-up our puppy. He is very healthy and has been since the day we got him. Oliver has a wonderful personality and is a happy go lucky dog. Jeff gave us lots of tips on training him as well. We have kept in touch with Jeff since we have had Oliver and still send updates a few times a year. I highly recommend this breeder and if the opportunity presents itself I would purchase another dog through him as well..


I got BRADY, our now 1 year old Havanese boy, from Jeff after we lost our wheaten who was 12 1/2. Jeff came highly recommended by a groomer I’ve known over 20 years. We came to his house, he put the whole litter (of available puppies) out for us to see. He answered questions and gave us all the time we needed to pick our puppy. I asked a lot of questions in between picking my dog and when we finally returned to pick him up and Jeff was patient and answered every question. Brady is an amazing boy. He’s healthy, happy, and like Jeff said, he’s a clown. He loves people and dogs, he’s confident and smart. I highly recommend Jeff and his dogs!

Karen Drogin


I can’t say enough about how wonderful Jeff is and how much information he provides and keeps providing us whenever we have a question. His knowledge and patience are unmatched. We couldn’t be happier with our two year old Havanese. He is gentle, smart and wonderful with all the grandkids from babies to teenagers. He has graced our lives with love and Joy. Our puppy picked us when we went to see him and his sister. We look forward to finding him a perfect pal from Jeff soon.
Lynne & George Owners of Bukowski formally  Hector.


If you are looking for a top rate breeder, look no further then Jeff and Gregg. I feel so blessed to have found them and have gotten a perfect Havanese, Ariel, ( formerly Sable). She has made a amazing addition to our family. Jeff is so helpful and knowledgeable about the ” babies,” and how to raise them. Jeff and Gregg truly love their dogs!  Ariel could not be more beautiful, sweet, and good natured. She is perfect!

Dr. Michelle L. Hartman ,
Executive Director AFHU NJ Region
Contact for reference:


Pepper is 5 years old today and has been the joy of my heart since the day I brought her home. Jeff’s care in placing his dogs was so evident. She is smart, warm, funny, and ridiculous in even, wonderful amounts. I cannot say how many people have said they would steal her if they could. She’s a rock star.


We want to thank Jeff (and Gregg) for making the introduction to Havana. Even though she is only 5 months she is really a special and bright little girl. She already knows how to sit, lay down and stay…

She has really brought a lot of love and affection in our house.

She has an amazing personality and it truly comes from Jeff’s skill as a Breeder which shows from the 1st day we meet him..

I have enclosed a before and after picture of her 1st haircut…

Thanks Again and More Updates to Follow


He is such a great puppy, I didn’t do any special training for it either, and he just came out that way. We did follow your advice to the letter on how to train him.

He is such a joy, the patients LOVE him! We recently went to Seton Hall University as part of a “stress relief” for students during exam time, he was a charmer.

This week we are going to the nursing home for the first time, they are excited to have him. I’m hoping to get him connected with Children, That’s where he shines! Rafael is a loving therapy doggie and he's having a great time. He is getting plenty of attention while giving his friendly smiles to patients everywhere.

We are very proud of our pooch! We hope that all is well with you and yours!


…was such a wonderful day. Ernesto is a sweetheart. The second I saw him, I knew we’d be a great team. He is just as you described, so warm and positive energy and cuddly, he sat in my arms and felt at ease. Rubi was great all the way! Gentle and loving she enjoyed the trip with Ernesto, so he had a great experience out in the world and on his first flight. Not one spill in the carrier and so well behaved. When we arrived home, the kids thought that Rubi was the surprise, they had not noticed the little furry ball in my arm. What a great surprise when they noticed Ernesto. It was a big hurray and we sat down on the floor so they could greet him. He was on their laps and greeting them,  slowly starting to look around. The playpen, he walked in, sniffed every corner and within 5 minutes after coming home he had done his business on the Boston Globe. Outside the playpen, the kids were all over him and had a hard time to leave him alone. The neighbor kids saw him and came over, they all played and he got spoiled. After a short while he had joyfully looked into every corner and it was as if he has always been here.

We followed through with the nighttime Routine. Your Manual is worth gold. I was mentally prepared. We did stick to it and used the can a couple of times and after 20 minutes it was quiet and he is in his crate sound asleep.

It is so cute to watch him jump around and play. You did a wonderful job. Thank you for letting us become Ernesto’s family. Would you mind letting us know  how many cups of the dry food each day he should be getting at the moment? He had a good appetite and did drink well this afternoon.

Thank you, Steffi


Zoey will be a year old next week and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE having her. It’s hard to believe that she once was as small as the puppies on your website. She is the QUEEN of the neighborhood loved by everybody. She is everything you said she’d be but I have one question. She is a VERY BIG chewer. We buy her any chew toy we can find but she has been chewing our rugs as well. Do you have any suggestions on how to stop this habit or is it just something she has to outgrow? Hopefully. Anyway I hope all is well with both of you. Looking forward to your answer.
Yolanda Battista


Lola came to our family in October of 2012 and I can say that from that day on our family was complete. We never imagined how much love and laughter this little white ball of fur could bring to all 5 of us. I can tell you now after close to five years later it's as if it was still the first day with her. We fight to hold her, we laugh when she does something funny, and she is the most affectionate dog when you're feeling down ... She's always up for cuddling. We picked up where NYC Havanese left off when we brought her home which is a testament to NYC Havanese's excellent environment . We love Lola and couldn't imagine our family without her!


Me and Minerva - The love of my life! Thank you Jeff. Your puppies are beautiful. Your warmth, knowledge and excellent care of your Havanese dogs and puppies gave me comfort knowing that you truly love your doggies. Your house is clean and the fact that you hand raise your pups makes for social and happy doggies. I would highly recommend you and have done so. Very tempting to get a little sister for Minerva. You have helped mend my broken heart over the loss of my Dachshund Dotty. Minerva is just joy! God Bless you.
Love, Licks, and Barks,
Debbie,Jim and Minerva Kenny


Mom of 3 boys with Autism that lives on Long Island.

I wanted to give you an update on our puppy Mika:
Her knees strengthened much to the delight of the vet and to us!!

She has been spayed and now has all of her shots.

She is now officially Ethan's puppy. Ethan is our non verbal son who has developed a special bond with Mika. He engages in play with her, they share toys, they share beds, and he always looks for one of her famous kisses. It's great to see. Ethan likes to be alone and will shut himself up in his room, so she brings something out of him. She likes the other boys too, but Ethan has her heart.
Raquel S.